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Frequently Asked Questions

Many prospective students often have the same questions. So here are some of those "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) about The Acting Studio - New York, LLC our classes and policies already answered for your convenience.
  • Do you offer letters of recommendation?


    Studio Policy Regarding Letters of Recommendation: From time to time students request letters of recommendation. Letters of student recommendation are issued only in cases where the student has a perfect attendance record, no absences no tardiness, and is exemplary in his/her class participation, class work and overall attitude.

  • Can I audit a class at the Studio?


    Having strangers come in and out of the classroom on a regular basis is disruptive and therefore auditing is rarely permitted. However, it may be permissible in a certain class at a certain point prior to enrolling but only after an applicant has been properly interviewed and admitted to the class by the studio director. Although the concept of "shopping around" for the right class or teacher may be touted in the trade papers as a good idea it is a lousy one for the actors in training. The very nature of acting is highly personal and students must feel safe in their environment as they are encouraged to live outside their comfort zone. Please inquire of the studio director at the time of your interview if this would be possible.

  • I am currently enrolled in a university. Can the classes I take at The Acting Studio be applied as credits toward my degree?


    In some cases, yes. Many students in the past have received college credit for their participation in certain classes in the acting program upon submitting a letter of proof from the studio director attesting to their satisfactory participation and/or completion. However, it does depend on the college or university. Please check with your college or university as to their requirements.

  • Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?


    Yes, we do. Several methods of financial aid are available at the Studio for those students who qualify. However, there are NO full-ride scholarships. Financial aid and scholarships are granted based on both merit and need. Special payment arrangements with zero-interest funding, reduced tuition for a limited number of key-students and work/study positions, and partial to full scholarships (Rose Arrick Memorial Scholarship) are at times available to qualified students who are already beyond the entry level of the Studio. In order to be considered for the work/study program or scholarship aid, a student must be known to the studio for a minimum of 2 months, be currently enrolled in class, and be a student in good standing. PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS are available to incoming full-time conservatory students pending individual need. Such scholarships can be discussed before registration but are only applicable to the final installment payments. Even though you may not satisfy any of these requirements, it still never hurts to ask. PLEASE NOTE: The Studio manages to maintain lower rates than many other institutions and studios due to the following: 1) The Studio does not maintain a huge advertising budget, nor do we 2) incur costs associated with maintaining a major site of NY real estate. Given this, we manage to keep our fees as low as possible without compromising the quality of the training.

  • I am a professional actor. What happens if I begin taking classes at the Studio and then I get a job?


    In instances where professional paid work is offered to an actor while enrolled at the Studio, we are happy to attempt to work out a special schedule to enable the student to do the job and continue with their training. In cases where this is not possible, then the point in the work at which you leave the program is frozen and you may resume at a future date at that re-entry point in an future session. Where money has been paid, your payments remain on your account for use at a future date. However, these funds are not transferable to another student.

  • Do you offer any classes for actors who are not enrolled in the 1-YR Conservatory or part-time study evening program?


    Yes, we do. The studio offers a good variety of classes outside the Acting Program curriculum. These classes and even some program classes are offered to non-program students. Most of these classes are offered by seasonal sessions every spring, summer, fall and winter terms.

  • I am not certain I can commit to a longer term training program. Is it possible to study for one year or a shorter period?


    Yes, of course. The Studio is dedicated to providing a home for those people who are serious about learning the craft. The Studio is equally dedicated to maintaining a level of professionalism which is expected from everyone involved at the studio. We are here to help you achieve mastery in acting, directing, and play writing and to provide you with a forum to gain practical experience through performance. Having stated such, we still do not subscribe to any elitist attitude to discriminate against others whose life circumstances may necessitate suspending their studies for a time. An uninterrupted period of study and development is a more effective approach to training, but not feasible in all cases. The length of your commitment is up to you and the seriousness of your commitment.

  • How do I increase my chances of being admitted to an acting class?


    Make a good first impression. It speaks well for those prospective students who become better acquainted with the studio and what we do by reading this website before scheduling an interview. The professionalism of your approach speaks volumes to us. Start by properly filling out the application form in its entirety. Be sure to schedule your acting class interview appointment at a time you are sure you can make AND BE ON TIME. If you are an experienced actor with a headshot, bring it along with your acting resume attached. Beginners need not present a resume or headshot. Be prepared to articulate your goals and how studying at the studio may help you attain them. And please be sure you have the class time(s) free and the means to participate prior to scheduling an appointment.

  • How does the admissions process work?


    Prospective students seeking admission may contact the studio via email or telephone. Applicants undergo a pre-screening with a studio administrator via telephone and, if successful, are given an appointment with the Studio Director. For a complete list of admissions requirements, please see our Admissions page.

  • When do the next sessions start?


    Most classes have a new session beginning every term. Terms are seasonal; spring, summer, fall and winter. There are exceptions with three of the evening acting program classes which are presently only offered once per year;Technique 1 and Technique 2 which begin in the fall only and Performance Workshop in spring only.

  • Do you have to be a student of the studio to take supplemental classes?


    No, not at all. Supplemental classes in the other disciplines outside of acting are available to any qualified applicant who wishes to participate. However, studio actors who are currently enrolled and graduates of the Studio will be given first preference.

  • What kind of payment plans do you have?


    Applicants who are new to the Studio are in most cases required to make full tuition payment or installment in advance of attending their first class at the studio. Tuition fees are used for securing a space in the class and are not pro-rated or adjusted for classes missed except in special unique cases. Tuition payments may be made by personal check, money order, cash or by credit card online only and through PayPal. A special payment arrangement with zero-interest funding may be possible in some cases if discussed with the studio manager at time of registration. Non-compliance to a special payment schedule will result in studio dismissal.

  • Can I receive private coaching from one of the teachers at the Studio?


    Yes. Anyone may request coaching with a faculty member for a particular audition or role and the studio will do their best to accommodate them on an hourly basis at the studio. Some of our teachers also do extensive coaching with working professionals. The Studio also provides private one-on-one acting training in technique, monologue and scene work to those who cannot commit to a classroom structure. However, we feel that acting is best learned when taught and practiced in a classroom group setting.

  • Do you offer any shorter-term Meisner workshops during the year?


    Yes. The studio offers a highly respected, 10-week class in the Principles of Acting - Introduction To Meisner class. For beginners this class also serves as an audition for admission to the studio's acting program. Day and evening sessions in this class is offered every season. During the summer a 6-week Meisner intensive is offered starting late June.

  • I’ve had some prior Meisner training. Can I join a Meisner class mid-training at The Acting Studio - New Yorlk, LLC?


    Yes, this may be possible in some cases but is not a certainty in all cases. Unfortunately, the term Meisner technique is often used by many schools and teachers who in actuality are teaching their own approach and using other exercises and approaches instead of adhering to Meisner's original curriculum of developmental exercises. During the interview an assessment will be made by the director as to whether it would be proper to attempt incorporating that student into the studio's Meisner program. The Meisner teachers in our studio are carefully chosen and trained by Mr. Price in accordance to adhering to Sanford Meisner’s own approach to training actors. In many cases, we have been able to successfully incorporate others who received legitimate Meisner training elsewhere into our program. There are a few rare exceptions where this was unsuccessful because the student's prior teacher or Meisner training strayed away from the original core of Meisner's work by following a different vision. The Studio director, James Price, was a personal friend and protege of Sanford Meisner and was privy to where Mr. Meisner's work had taken him during the last 15 years of his life.

  • Do you have options available if I can only commit to a class at night? Only during the day?


    We have both options. Acting classes in the Meisner technique are taught in evening or day sessions. Enrollment in the 1-Yr Acting For Film and Theatre Conservatory (Full-Time Program) at The Acting Studio, Inc. will require you to attend classes in the daytime only.

  • Upon completion of the two-year program, will I receive a certificate?


    Yes. Students who graduate from the 1-Yr Acting For Film & Theatre Conservatory program receive a certificate of completion in the disciplines of theatre & film arts. Graduates who complete the Evening- Part-time Program will receive a certificate in theatre arts.


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