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Overview of Classes and Programs

James Price and John Grabowski head a staff of gifted, dedicated teachers who are practicing professionals in the theatre, film and television communities. The Acting Studio - New York offers a wide range of short term classes as well as part time and full time conservatory programs which encompass traditional and progressive forms of theatre and film acting.

A high professional work ethic and discipline are expected from all who participate. Individual attention is provided each student in classes intimate enough in size to allow each actor to establish a professional bond with his/her instructors, all of whom are well-trained and experienced professionals. Classes are held in a cost-effective and smartly-appropriated studio facility located at Shetler Studios at an easily accessible location.

Our theatre program and classes draw heavily on the standards and traditions established by Constantin Stanislavsky at the Moscow Art Theatre, and continued in the United States by Harold Clurman and the Group Theatre. They also incorporate practices of such noted teachers as Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Michael Chekhov and Uta Hagen, as well as the techniques of more recent progressive theatre artists as Peter Brook, Joseph Chaikin, Viola Spolin and Augusto Boal. One of the best theatre programs in New York City.