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The Acting Studio Faculty

The Acting Studio - New York's staff of instructors are all master teachers with many years of active and on-going professional experience in both the industry and in education. The Studio prides itself in providing superior instruction and development for actors, directors and playwrights with individualized, personal attention and support. The studio faculty offers students on-going support outside the classroom in all studio activities and a continuing mentorship beyond the studio walls.

James Price - Studio Director

James Price (Intro To Meisner, Meisner Technique 1 & 2, Scene Study) is the founding Artistic Director of The Acting Studio - New York and Chelsea Repertory Company. Mr. Price majored in theatre at Indiana University and worked as a professional AEA actor before attending and graduating from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater, to where he later returned as a member of the teaching staff under the tutelage of Mr. Sanford Meisner. Mr. Price is grateful for his 15-year relationship with Mr. Meisner as his protege and personal friend.

Mr. Price has also taught acting at Trinity Rep Conservatory in Providence, RI and has worked as actor, director, teacher, and producer in regional, Off-Off Broadway, stock and college theatres. A task-master with 49 years of experience, he continues to actively train and practice with his fellow Studio associates in conjunction with Chelsea Repertory Company where he actively produces, acts and directs.

Mr. Price was senior Meisner instructor at the New York Film Academy from 2003-2013 and is featured in several books on acting, among them Stagecraft by Robert Blumenfeld, Legitimate Acting Coaches in New York by Larry Silverberg, and Acting Professionally by James Manos.  He is currently beginning to re-enter the acting profession in conjunction with his teaching, coaching and producing duties. He has recently appeared in principal roles in a number of films, most recently Broken Badges slated for June 2017 NYC premiere.

Bruce Hermann - Associate Director

Bruce Hermann (Associate Director, Intro To Meisner; Technique 1; Scene Study; Monologue Worksop, Conservatory, Chelsea Rep LAB director) is a much-awarded actor, director, and teacher. Over the last twenty five years he has performed over eighty acting roles and directed some fifty plays. He recently directed the premier of two original plays, FIG.1 and MUD NOSTALGIA, at the Prague Fringe Festival, Czech Republic, also touring in Hungary. In June 2013 he devised, produced, and performed FAULT LINE at the Meet Factory in Prague. In 2004 Bruce received the award for Best Director from the Central Ohio Theatre Critics Circle for his work on the Red Herring Theatre production of Neil LeButeʼs THE SHAPE OF THINGS, and in 2002, he received Best Actor from the COTCC for his performance of Russ Rigel in Red Herringʼs production of William Mastrosimoneʼs LIKE TOTALLY WEIRD.

Bruce studied with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in New York, and later returned to the Playhouse to teach on the acting faculty. He received a MFA degree in Theatre Directing from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has taught at studios, conservatories, and universities throughout the US and Europe. In 2005, he received The Ohio State University Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching and in 2013, the Texas Tech University Award for Professing Excellence. He has twice been invited by Rose Bruford College of the Performing Arts in London to teach at the Stanislavski Center as a guest artist. He is thrilled to be returning “home” to New York City and rejoining the staff of The Acting Studio–New York where he was privileged to begin his teaching career many years ago.

John Grabowski - Associate Director

John Grabowski (Associate Director, Monologue Workshop, Directing Workshop, Performance Workshop ) is the resident director of Chelsea Repertory Company at The Acting Studio - New York where he is also a teacher. He is a graduate of Illinois State University, where he majored in theatre.

Most recently he directed OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY featuring Andrea Navedo, studio alumna and Jane The Virgin actress, and Michael Aguirre's play A LETTER for New Light Theatre Project and Adam Esquanazi Douglas's play THE LAST DAYS OF OSCAR WILDE'S LIFE at the Downtown Urban Arts Festival at HERE Arts Center.  In 2012, he directed Chelsea Rep LAB's production of ALMOST A FANTASY (premiere) by Michael Aguirre at the 2012 FringeNYC Festival as well as Mr. Aguirre's most recent work, JOHN WAYNE'S AMERICA (premiere) for Chelsea Rep in 2014. Also for Chelsea Rep he has directed NO PLACE TO BE SOMEBODY (Gordone); HOBSON'S CHOICE (Brighouse); STAGE DOOR (Ferber and Kaufman); ROMEO AND JULIET (Shakespeare); ONE FLEA SPARE (Wallace); GETTING OUT (Norman); MOONCHILDREN (Weller); ON THE BUM (Bell); WHAT THE BUTLER SAW (Orton); LANDSCAPE OF THE BODY (Guare); MAD FOREST (Churchill); MINOR ECCENTRICITIES (Williams one-acts); HEAT (Hauptmann); THREE MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS (Churchill); HOT L BALTIMORE (Wilson); STREAMERS (Rabe); TWELFE NIGHT (Shakespeare); TRANSLATIONS (Friel); TOP GIRLS (Churchill); VINEGAR TOM (Churchill); THE INCREDIBLY FAMOUS WILLY RIVERS (Metcalfe); EARLY DARK (Price); THE PLOUGH AND THE STARS (O’Casey); THE JOURNEY OF THE FIFTH HORSEMAN (Ribman); PARADISE LOST (Odets); DARK OF THE MOON (Berney & Richardson); THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT (Giraudoux); THE RIMERS OF ELDRITCH (Wilson); and THE LESSON (Ionesco). He also wrote and directed KNOXVILLE 1915, adapted from James Agee's novel A DEATH IN THE FAMILY and THE LOVES OF A, based on Arthur Schnitzler's THE ANATOLE PLAYS for Chelsea Repertory Company.

John has directed ON THE VERGE (Overmyer) for Fools Pearls and CRUMBS FROM THE TABLE OF JOY (Nottage) for Brava Company. He has also directed numerous workshop and lab productions for Chelsea Rep LAB and other off-off Broadway New York companies. Those productions include TURF (Berkowitz) (premiere); THE FLOATING SESSION (Greenberg) (premiere); FUTZ (Owens); ASIAN SHADE (Ketron); THE ACTOR'S NIGHTMARE (Durang); PITCHING TO THE STAR (Margulies); MARISOL (Rivera); BLACK HOLE (Fensterman) (premiere); and THE NATURE AND THE PURPOSE OF THE UNIVERSE (Durang).

He also directs staged readings of new plays at The Acting Studio and other NY theatre companies and is currently head of Chelsea Rep LAB.


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